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Angels Technical Engineering Services Private Limited is a well established company started in the year 2003 with a team of qualified and experienced people to carry out Challenging& critical jobs in the construction field of power plants with the aim of timely completion of the given assignment.It was started as a small firm but under the guidance of Professional management it cawed up to top elite of all other contractors since ever its inception.

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  • Leadership

    Led by a management team with over 40+ years of experience in Design, Erection, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance.

  • Smart Technology

    Consistency in high quality deliverables, with focus on continual learning and up gradation.

  • Quality Service

    Angel is dedicated to provide customers with the most advanced proactive, reliable, basic, value added services and solutions available in the Industry in a professional, timely and cost effective manner with safety as the key overriding concern.

Supply, Fabrication and Erection of Pipelines of CS and SS Material.

Fabrication & erection of pipe supports including installation of spring supports, etc. both shop and field fabrication include cutting, threading, bending, welding, bolting, etc.

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A competitive environment places stiff challenges in the path of companies in terms of cost, quality, technology and market position.

Our commitment to customer service, quality, and safety, has earned us a good name and has set us apart from other commercial diving companies in the country.

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We hope that you will consider our request for award of sub contract of any magnitude and any nature.

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We are one of a reputed contractor in the field of construction and under water diving activities and any work of Power Plant in Southern District of Tamil Nadu.